Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creative Yoga Games for all Children

Children learn through play. All children even those with wonderful exceptionalities will love this yoga inspired game.

Magic Animal Knapsack. 

This is the best tool for teaching yoga to kids under 4 years old and for children with special needs. For many children on the spectrum it is difficult for them them to articulate what they are imagining or how to act out what moves and noises an animal makes.

Get a big sack and fill it with all kinds of animal toys (plastic, wooden, fabric, smooth or textured) or small stuffed animals. Go around the circle and let each child on his turn put his hand into your magical sack and take out a toy. Then, of course, do the movement, noise and pose or poses of this animal with him and then with the whole group.  You can build on each animal that is picked by placing the toys in the middle of the circle and creating a vinyasa with the toys...make a storyabout the desert, mountain hiking, swimming in the ocean etc...

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